Onions…… Are They Really That Common?

Jul 02


Onions! Are they really that common?

The summer has started off a bit muddled with all manner of activities for me, I have noticed. I then finally realized that to relax, I like to post here, and I know that.” I should write about something that is really easy and quite common,to get back in the swing of things”, I consider…….. I started doing some research about onions ; facts and interesting points that I had not considered for many,many years.That should be common enough.Then, it dawned on me- this is not such a common item. It is not such an easy subject…… to throw out some stories and a few facts that you all may find helpful and interesting about the common onion.

Boy, was I right. What a stupid enterprise to attempt an “ONION 101” dissertation. Heck, I just need some whimsy and a bit of fun here. Everyone has a reference to onions or something from the onion “Allium Cepa” family. Whatever comes forth just may be fun and rewarding.

Pvt. Benjamin Buford Blue had a dream; to get himself a shrimp boat. Go out in that gulf and catch some shrimp. Everyone likes shrimp,don’t they? He had such an impact on Forrest Gump with his dream and his constant positive ramblings about shrimp and the shrimp dishes one could make, that Forrest made it happen; even if  Bubba was not a part of the dream any longer. Is it not interesting what a dedication to the recipe of the truth,mixed with a couple of pounds of passion, whirred vigorously on HIGH in the food processor while adding that cup full of ” I would have to kill you if I told you the secret, special ingredient” brings forth……… a most wonderful and delicious thing! It doesn’t make any difference if you bake it, fry it ,saute it, grill it,puree it,put it in the slow cooker, shove it in a tortilla with some beans or throw it on Grandma’s old cast iron pan a sizzlin’ away….follow those measures and you will ALWAYS HAVE THE ANSWER.( This onion story seems to be going another direction!)

Am I really talking about food here-am I talking about onions? I think that may be open to judgement and discussion. Why not, they say that what we eat is what we are? Is it what we think….is that what we are? Maybe what we believe is what we are, or the teachers we have had on our journey that made those strong and lasting impressions…… the ones we have embraced – ones that have impacted us – is that what we are? The oft mentioned story of what does it really mean to peel an onion; to get to the core of the thing that is ours to embrace and learn- is that what we are?

Onions. I will always immediately think about my relationship with that onion family,much like Bubba did so passionately with shrimp. Onion rings,French onion soup,creamed onions, fried onions and potatoes, pickled onions,green onion and blue cheese tart,,marinated onions,grilled onions, baked onions and Swiss cheese,red onion and peanut butter sandwiches and so on. To give credit proper,we must not forget garlic,shallots,spring onions and all the other members of this versatile family. Over many years of cooking in all types of venues, I have prepared a quiet intimate meal for two and a seven course extravaganza for five thousand – and it is still my passion,even these days when I would be hard pressed to pull off some of those past endeavors. Thinking back; I do not EVER remembering NOT USING onions in some form or another.

I would put to you this point :”Would it be of good measure and maybe for the best results to remember this onion story and the few facts that are here on this page…….. when you may be troubled with a decision, feeling awkward and  uncomfortable at the advent of some change uninvited, or just wanting to understand a small difficult fact in one of your days of all the days in your life that has given you worry. Each may be one layer of that onion that is your answer…… just a peel away.

Just know this. Hasn’t it always worked out in this life? No matter how desperate or how terrible or how difficult the situation? I have not made mention of FAITH herein, mainly because that is a deep and personal gift that we all hold close and silent…… not to diminish it or make light. More importantly, these few words I have put forth are only my simple and short list of observations that, coupled with all of a persons resources available , give us the power to let life run smoothly as it is designed to do for each and all of us.

After all, isn’t the TRUTH the only thing that really works? ….and as I think of it, it is pretty common, just like that onion. Just make sure you keep using onions in every” dish” that you prepare!

Question…..and wouldn’t you all agree? Shrimp and onions together sound like a pretty darn good combination.

Spicy Shrimp and Green Onions




  1. Tom Caudle /

    Ross- Great little story. Reminds me of when our brother was in Celon after the war. Not all big red onions are sweet he told me. Finding out the hard way when he bit into one there in Celon that was hotter than you know what. :-)

    • That is a story that I didn’t hear about. Imagine Ray’s response after that bite.WOW!

  2. Really like the analogy of ‘layers’.

    • I agree. Sometimes the simple observations help make something become important and helpful.

  3. James /

    Reading multi layers of truth in each paragraph. Thanks!

    • It just evolved as I wrote. That is always aa good experience. Thanks for the kind comments, friend!

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