Notes From a Vintage Chef Part I

Sep 02


Ross and the Curried VegetablesHere is Part I of several over the next few weeks. I have embarked on an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign,”Join a Vintage Chef’s Next Food Adventure”. It is hugely important, difficult, somewhat complicated for an old chef, but also is a wonderful, exciting journey. I will be offering lots of handy food and cooking tips, recipes, and interesting facts that I have garnered over my 40 plus years of being fascinated with food and cooking.

In the picture here you see me wearing my “Crow Quote” apron. It is one of the perks offered along with a similar Tee shirt. An evening for 25 people with wines and sumptuous hors’d oeuvres prepared by Chef/co-owners  David and Jackie at Cabezon restaurant in Portland is a real gem. Please click on the highlighted Cabezon restaurant text in the last sentence and take a quick gander at their website to learn more about this fine casual and excellent restaurant.

It would be much appreciative if you would take a look at my campaign……..especially the ‘PERKS’ section. Maybe you might want one of these 100% cotton, high quality red aprons for yourself or a friend. It makes a great personalized birthday gift for the home cooking aficionado.

TODAY’S HANDY FOOD TIP: Does your leftover guacamole turn a dark color and gets tossed? Try this next time you make some. Place it in an air tight container, such as Tupperware, smooth out the top. Put a 1/4 inch of cold water over the guacamole and refrigerate. When you want to reuse it just pour off the water and you product will be just like freshly made and ready for some crispy chips when the favorite football game is on TV. Lasts well for about 3-5 days.

ADIOS and until next time-Part II

Ross Pullen


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  1. I love that apron! And I love Cabezon! Their seafood stew is to die for.

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