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Jul 06


Reflections are more often for me theses days. In other times, I would have told myself that  “you must concentrate on the now…the past is for learning only!”. As in many other things in life, I have revalued that approach. Being in the moment is the only way one continues to grow…this is still most true. However, these times of reflections usually bring a calmness and a peace; it seems that we remember the good times, good people, good events-it is the human condition; I am sure of that.

My mother once told me she never remembered the pain of giving birth to all four of us boys (except maybe when we were on the “list”); that nature or God gives humans only good memories of such an important, but traumatic  time. Maybe these are left over from the patriotic energy of the 4 TH- these reflections-….I don’t know?

There is a list running around in my head. I have always been a “list guy”. Might and does drive some I know nuts…it’s just my way.

All of us from our early years and through every phase of our lives, we have people who have had an impact on us…influenced us in different ways; ways that got us motivated,ways that taught important life lessons, ways that made us happy or fulfilled . The results are many and the list is long for me. I want to mention just a few. The reasons why would be to long and not really needed here. However, I would like to hear about one or two people that influenced you and why…others may appreciate the stories too.

*** IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER: Dennis Honse, Don Wudtke, Carter Case, Shelby Foote, Larry McMurtry, Bert Elliott, Shirley MacLaine,Bernard Epstein, Janis Joplin, George Pappas, Mrs. Springfield, Fernand Point, Jack Hemingway, Astrid Andersen, Billie Teel,Dione Cota, Ray “Crash” Corrigan, Robert Duval, Edward James Olmos, Wild Bill Elliott, Roy Rogers, Ray Eccles, G.K.Chesterton,  Morgan Freeman,Mark Twain, Augustus McCray,Escoffier, Greer Garson, Belinda Nissen,Karen Hinsdale, Milt Stewart, Mrs. Pennington, Ludwig Erhard, Jack Pullen, Marjorie Rena Willamina Eccles, Charles Dickens, Kelly Dawson, and an especially beautiful, young, long haired brunette wearing a fucshia sequin dress… one night in Fresno, California – long,long ago. Her name? Lost to time , but not the memories


Scotch…hate it! I am an Irish whiskey man. But if you must drink it, here is a really good suggestion:

Heat a 6 oz. wine glass by adding hot water, but put a spoon in it – it won’t crack. Pour out the water, add 1 1/2 oz. of good blended scotch whiskey a rounded spoon of brown sugar, add your favorite strong black coffee– leaving a 1 ” gap to the top. Whip 8 oz. whipping cream -plain no sugar- just until thick, not to peaks. Pour over the back of a spoon until it floats on the top of the drink. Imbibe! On second thought, you should make two and share them with a beautiful, young, long haired brunette in a fuschia sequin dress . A suggestion? It would be best if you know her name and I can think of better places than Fresno (sorry, no offense-Fresno) to have this soiree. Make sure you have enough for more for each of you…. if you like.

“It takes many grains of rice to fill a hungry man’s bowl’.   Ross Pullen 2012





  1. Elliott /

    About 4 years ago I had a chance run in with Pete Peterson, the founder of the Blackstone investment group, at Hubers one night. I didn’t know who I was talking to until the end of an hour and a half discussion, when I finally asked who he was as he was leaving. The advice he gave me during that talk stuck with me and changed the way I approach both business and life in a very fundamental way.

    The bottom line was the ‘ancient vietnamese’ proverb: phuqhou. I’ll leave it at that. :)

  2. Dennis /

    I’m surprised that you hate Scotch, given your ethnic heritage being so closely linked to the demon brew. On a diamond buying trip to New York, I was staying at the Hilton on Avenue of the Americas near the diamond district (47th Street). I had spent my early adult life sampling whiskeys, and settled on Teachers and Chivas Regal as my call drinks. I was sitting at the bar, which was conveniently populated by attractive ladies, and asked the bartender what he thought was the best Scotch. He produced a bottle of Glenlivet and poured me a glass. I smelled it, looked at it, and took a small sip. It went down so smooth, and finished with a hint of mint. It didn’t have any of the charcoal taste that usually accompanies a good blended Scotch. I’ve never looked back and never order anything else. I tried other “glen’ products, but none have the silky smoothness of Glenlivet.

    By the way, I began to chat with one of the attractive ladies sitting at the bar, being the turnip truck driver and new in town. After several minutes of idle bar chatter, I asked her what she did. She replied, “I entertain gentlemen”. Hmmm. Where are my keys to that truck? I had never met a “gentlemen entertainer” let alone talked at length with one. That was my first and last encounter with the lady’s of New York (or anywhere).

    • I should say that I hate 90 % of the Scotch I have tried . The day I received my discharge from the US Coast Guard Reserve (without any warning- seems congress quit giving them any money), I was inclined to celebrate-March 9, 1969. The fella at the elegant liquor store in San Francisco talked me into buying a bottle of “Old Rarity” Scotch. Made sense to me..the shape of the bottle looked old and rare plus the price was fair. I probably would have bought most anything at that point. My roommate (a Scotch lover) thought it was grand ; I agreed with that statement. I could never find it again, and every scotch I tried was like medicine . Hence, I switched to Irish…a lovely libation; and I have never had a sip that I didn’t enjoy. I am, of course, a traitor. My grandfather’s maternal side of the family-Wilson’s from Scotland! Maybe I should try some single malt samples. If I could only find one of those “gentlemen entertainer ” ladies; she might pick up the tab for my extensive research . I wonder if that is a possibility?
      Did I also lose out on that big sporting goods connection. Oh Drat…I got bypassed again!

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