Messy Fingers, Greasy Chins, and Gravy Stains Vol.1

Jun 18


Dinner Plates– Does everyone like the style of dinner plate service when all your food is piled together, so it all tastes the same…and the sauce looks like a blood splatter on a TV crime show? By the time the plate gets to you, it has congealed-is cold- and all the work to make it is lost? I call it ” Tower and Drizzle” .

Great Onions! – Slice red onions very thinly, drizzle with some lemon juice, a dash of salt, some chopped parsley and push down with the heel of your hand until juicy…add a bit of olive oil and serve with roast pork, chicken cutlets or put it on a Reuben sandwich. I like it with hard boiled eggs, smoked salmon and French bread too.

Saute Pans – I know it is PC to use the finest All-Clad or other brand S/S saute pans (and never aluminum…but most restaurants still use them;watch the TV shows), but I have always used French steel pans that you had to season with a good coating of carbon from lots of use. They are naturally non stick, hold their heat wonderfully, cost next to nothing and you clean them with a towel and some salt after first rinsing. I still have some from my restaurant, Belinda’s, and I love them! Use them every day.

Don’t You Just Love…. Fresh Tangerine juice-well chilled and fresh squeezed; The sweet smell of tortillas being made at a Mexican Tienda and Grocery; Onions and bell peppers grilled together at an outdoor fair , farmer’s market, or festival ; When a produce stand takes the time to arrange the produce symmetrically…all by color, shape, and type just like in Europe or Asia ; Going to the U Pick for berries and watching all the littlest kids with their buckets of fruit,, red smeared faces and big smiles ;  Going Out to Dinner- …and the food is fresh, simply prepared, priced well, and the portion is the right size for the item- no magnifying glass needed and you don’t need to call UPS and pay them to take home the “Doggie Bag”???

THE GREATEST ACHIEVEMENTS in History began with a good idea. Make sure your good ideas are put to use and don’t get lost to the ages.







  1. The visuals on this post are wonderful! Everything you write brings to mind one of my own food memories, pet-peeves, or industry tips.

    I was one of those kids picking berries in the summer. It was my first job (I think I was 13 or 14). We got paid by the pound we picked. The fresh blueberries, all juicy and warmed by the sun were too delicious. I think I ate more than I turned in to the farmer!

    • I’m so glad you find the descriptions clear and well defined. When I was encouraged to start this blog by those talented young friends of mine in the web biz…I was reticent to do so.I had no confidence for a long time. However, I realized that I always see every thought as a technicolor movie in my head ; I just decided to describe the pictures ; it sure is lots of fun sharing those pictures.
      The youngsters picking berries in Oregon… it’s a tradition and memory for tens of thousands, I’ll bet. I didn’t experience it myself, but I’m sure I would have eaten more than I put in that darn bucket too. Soon I’ll tell my Oregon berry story.Pretty funny!

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