Born in San Diego, Ca,…plus schooling in Texas and California. Apprenticeship at Le Tonneau in Marin County. First Chef position in Boise, Id. Helped develop concept and was GM/Ex.Chef of Main Street Bistro. Then Executive Chef at Eugene Hotel , before opening Belinda’s Restaurant in Portland, Oregon -August 1977. Featured a¬† Table d’ Hote menu with dishes from Europe-France, Spain, Switzerland, Austria , and Italy. One of the first area chefs to contract local farmers to grow shallots, sweet basil, and fresh vegetables.

Assembled a 400 selection wine list at Belinda’s ; one of the largest for a small Chef-owned restaurant in Oregon. Always looked to be a leader in supporting¬† new , emerging suppliers and farmers for milk fed veal, fresh rabbit, Oregon mussels, pheasant, and fresh caught wild salmon.

Starting in 1983, was involved as GM of a theme night club, Executive Chef of an Oregon Vineyard ; consultant for boutique wholesale bakery, Bed and Breakfast Inn, several unique restaurants and unique food product manufacturers. Represented Imported specialty foods, and was the subject for a television pilot; “The Traveling Chef “.

Recently worked with several specialist development teams working on a Wine Country Resort destination concept. Also was concept source and presented a detail plan for an interactive internet-based food concept.